Past Meetup

Light Snack At Trails Cafe and Hike To The Griffith Park Observatory


Hello Everyone,

A lot of people keep inquiring about the Trails Cafe, so I decided to schedule a repeating T2G hike that we do with our Border Collie up to the Griffith Park Observatory and back. Some times we might continue up to Mt. Hollywood depending on how everyone is feeling. The hikes run 2 - 3 miles round trip, so they aren't overexerting. We will start off by meeting at the Trails Cafe, which offers yummy organic and vegan choices for very reasonable prices. Note: They only accept "Cash." The sandwiches run between $5.50 - $7.00, just to give you an idea.

If you have a socialized doggie or doggies, please consider bringing them along, too!

Please bring a stainless steel water bottle filled with plenty of cold water and wear hiking boots or tennis shoes with good treads on them for gripping the ground. Also, bring a hat or visor in case the sun decides to beam down on us. Wear some SPF 30 on your skin, especially if you're fair complected. You may want to smear some sunblock on your nose to prevent burning there.

Transition To Green isn't liable for you in the city park - Griffith Park area, which includes the hiking trails. You are going at your own risk.

As we are now in the middle of summer, we will meet at 8:45 a.m. and then hit the trail by 9:00 a.m. in order to increase our hiking time during the cooler morning air, with temperatures at our hike start time between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit, increasing to well into the 80s by afternoon (after our hike has concluded). Please eat an early good breakfast before joining us as we will end our hike with an early lunch at the Trails Cafe for those interested.

Any questions or concerns, please email me through the Contact Us that appears under my profile photo. Looking forward to visiting with you everyone!