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This monthly Group Meditation is to the TransMeditation series by Dale Halaway. We will be starting with Dale's Transcovery meditation. To Transcover is to Transform our DIscoveries about ourselves...
Dale Halaway is a master teacher of the soul who has take mediation to a new realm.
Set at various tonal frequencies, these meditations are designed to take you on a journey within yourself, revealing gifts from your higher self and aiding in clearing the pain and fears that inhibit our progress in business, personal and all other areas of our lives.
If you love to meditate or if you have always wanted to try a guided meditation with the added effects of frequency modulation, this is the group for you.
After the meditation there will be a short discussion about what everyone experienced.

If you love this meditation as much as I do, it is available for purchase. I highly recommend adding the Transcovery meditation to your self-care routine on a weekly basis. It is powerful both in a group setting and alone with headphones. Your experience will be uniquely different every single time.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Transmeditation Group. Join us in this amazing meditation that will enhance whatever journey you are on in your path of personal development.

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