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Tropic Breeze Travel, a local Lakeland travel company wanted to create a "Meetup Group" to help members of our community safely discuss their love of food, wine & travel in a social setting. Our members are diverse, inclusive and all have a passion for life. Not only will we be making new friends but we will have the opportunity to plan new adventures together that will include traveling locally, around the United States and even abroad.


By joining this group, RSVP'ing to events, and attending events, you are confirming that you have read, understand and accept the following:

1. Food, Wine & Travel with Tropic Breeze Travel is a "Meetup Group". Attending events or Trips is voluntary by you as a member. Participation in any activity within the group is at your own risk.

2. By joining Food, Wine & Travel with Tropic Breeze Travel, as a member you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Food, Wine & Travel with Tropic Breeze Travel, its organizers, co-organizers, assistant organizers, event hosts, and other members from all claims or liability of every type (including court costs and legal fees) for injury or death to any person or for damage to property, loss of personal property or any other wrongful act arising out of or relating to your participation as a member. This agreement applies to you and to other persons (as your guests) who may accompany you in these endeavors.

3. You also agree to hold the organizers as well as other group members harmless. By participating voluntarily in the group, you expressly waive any and all such claims against each and every other member in the group, including without limitation any and all claims against the group organizer, co-organizers, assistant organizers, and event hosts.

5. Any social events or trip that Food, Wine & Travel with Tropic Breeze Travel sponsors and holds, will fall also under the same Disclaimer and Liability guidelines listed above.

6. NOTE - Having a safe environment is key to the members of Food, Wine & Travel with Tropic Breeze Travel. This means that all members are REQUIRED to provide & keep a Current Main Profile Picture of themselves posted AT ALL TIMES. This allows other members the ability to CLEARLY & EASILY identify each other at any of our many events. No Pictures of landscapes, cartoons, flowers, or animals, etc. are allowed as your Main Profile Picture. Please upload at least 1 personal/recognizable photo of yourself to your profile when you join!

7. If you RSVP "Yes" to an event, please change your RSVP to "No" if you find out you can't attend the event. This is just respectful to the group and event location. "No Shows" are frowned upon. And chronic no-shows won't be invited to private events and will not be eligible to become life members. So please be considerate, especially when we have a limited amount of people who can attend and we make reservations.

8. We DO NOT yet have a membership requirement (this will be determined at a later date). If membership fees begin, the fees will be a donation to cover costs of meetings & special events.

9. Soliciting- Our group DOES NOT welcome soliciting of any nature. Please do not solicit for personal, or business reasons. All travel planning & rights are reserved through Tropic Breeze Travel.

10. NO SHOWS - If a member RSVP's yes for ANY event and does not attend - this is a No Show. If a member No Shows five times they are subject to removal from the group. If you can't make an event you must change your RSVP to No. If you are unable to make the change please contact the event host and let them know you can't attend.

11. Last Minute Cancellations - We ask all members to cancel their RSVP 24 hours prior to an event. Of course, if there is an emergency we understand.

So come join us today to begin your next adventure!!!

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