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Hello everyone,

Anyone who travels or even more, all the ones new into traveling (local & international), who likes to play a sport too and having a drink afterwards, is so very welcome to at least try this group’s activities. I know Copenhagen a bit, but it’s just last month whenI started to live here permanently. I hosted group before in Norway and I have a degree in Communication and PR if that makes any difference. I am really hoping to see people enjoying a day event and that’s a fact, when there is a very good feedback after👍 You don’t have to be a pro neither on traveling or tennis, badminton etc or drinks 🍹🍸🍷. Just be an optimist, cultural open minded and join us. Please feel free to join, ask & propose places I might not know about. In such a beautiful and multicultural city, some “days to remember” are just what we should look for.
Basic rules in order to follow a safe conduct within the group activities and interpersonal relationships.

a) For registering and until your first meeting attendance, you will be required to have a photo on your profile. After that it will become optional, although it will be preferable to have one. We don’t look for a passport photo, but neither for landscape instead of you.

b)Cancellations of attendance must be done at least 2h prior the meeting as other invitees could come from 1-2 hours away of the place to meet. Any cancellation of attendance should be done with an extra 📝 short note, within the corresponding meeting communication box, as only by pressing cancel, app doesn’t send me a notification.

c) Cancellations on sports events organized should be considered as pending on a replacement for you or covering your share part of total fee paid for booking the track to play. This would happened due to the booking of the (tennis, badminton) track one week before prior the event.

d) All new members inactive during 45 days (meaning no message, no attendance, nothing) will not be kept just as a number within the group. The scope of the group is to create relationships and to interact. It’s no need for attendance weekly or monthly, but it will look different and it will be appreciated if you send a short note to the group while you cannot attend the meetings.

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Café Hygge

Meeting Up - Knowing each other! 👋🍹🤝
🤝 First Meet up - part 2 !🥂🍹☕️

The Living Room

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