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Lets get together and see what is happening in our great state, and the SE Region of the country. We are going to start small. We are gonna keep our group of travelers to 10-15 people, with a maximum membership of 100 people. Please think long and hard if this is something that you will be interested in. Sometimes we will hop on a bus, a train and take a tour. Sometimes we will car pool and go for a long weekend. We are going to keep these trips under $500 a person and we are 'probably' not going to leave the country. We will learn from one another and we will have fun. We will seek out people that are like minded about travel and want to see things in our own area. I would like to keep our membership in the 40-60 age bracket. Meet up offers age groups for everyone. I am looking for people that want to have fun, have new experiences and meet people. If you want to hook up, complain or criticize others....... this group probably won't be for you. We have all been there and done that and we just wanna have fun! I am a Travel Advisor. Travel is what I do for a living. If you are a Travel Advisor, please do not infiltrate this group. I plan vacations and leisure travel, for others. Occasionally, I will have opportunities, that I will be able to make available to this group. I would rather have 40 members that are active than 400 members that just clicked to have membership because they liked the sounds of it and belong to 20+ other groups. Please really think about the reasons that you would like to join before you apply. I would like to plan an event quarterly, then I would also like to have a local get together once a quarter for “brainstorming” thoughts and plans.

If you would like to follow my travel adventures.... find me on FB. PRistine Places-Destination Travel.

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