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Mike C.

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New York, NY

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Apr 4, 2011


Manager of Research and Innovation at Phocuswright, Co-organizer of Travel 2.0 Meetup group, Founder of Fantrotter, Co-Founder of EuropeUpClose, Board Member with Travel+SocialGood.

What are you looking for in this meetup? (If you are working on a travel startup, please tell us how the group could help)

To help travel entrepreneurs create better products, and to meet people who want to determine the future of travel technology.

If you had the magic to change one thing about your travel experience, either before, during, or after the trip, what would it be?

To fully leverage the power of big data and mobile devices to be informed every step of the way about travel experiences tailored to my preferences.

What are your favorite travel websites and apps?

The one that I want to build to connect members of Travel 2.0!