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TRAVEL stems from a passion, and a curiosity about the next town over, the world and its many cultures. This group was formed out of that passion as well as a keen interest in sharing it with others.
(The "Travel & Cultures" FL and MA meetup groups are extensions of the original and successful Travel & Cultures meetup based in Orange County, CA.)

Whether you want to explore your backyard or the world, This Group's for You!

Do you love to travel or talk travel?

Whether you’re just curious, a travel wannabe or a globetrotter you can enjoy the energy and information our members offer. This is a fun and engaging group of travel enthusiasts with a world of experience.

Need to learn the basics? Want a travel buddy?

We share travel, tips, industry trends, stories, activities, day trips, weekend adventures, US & International trips, and other travel-related interests in a friendly and informal environment.

You’re in the right place!
You'll get a plethora of travel knowledge through our meetings, events, presentations, dinners, happy hours, guest speakers, seasoned travelers and trips. More trips to be announced.

Need info about a certain region or culture?
With this group you’ll also find Cultural Activities. Through travel you gain exposure to other cultures (intentionally or through osmosis.) You might interact with similar or drastically different cultures on your journeys but it’s always a fascinating experience and certainly an education. Share your travel and cultural experiences and expertise with others while also learning from them.

Ask questions, get answers. We’re here to help!
Whatever your location you can ask questions, offer suggestions and get travel information through the Discussion Board. If you’re visiting Southern CA, come to a meeting or event.

You can Live Anywhere in the world & Benefit from this group.

Join us on a trip. You can leave with us or meet us at the destination
(ex. New Orleans, Fiji, on Safari, Grand Canyon, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Thailand, Boston, Germany, Costa Rica, Chicago, the Mediterranean, the Seychelle islands...)

We hope to see you at our events! Enjoy the group! 

Monique Benoit
Travel & Cultures Meetups (MA, FL & CA)
The Travel & Cultures Company 
(a full-service, licensed travel agency)

This group is for Individuals who enjoy traveling or cultural activities rather than for those working in the travel industry, their own business and/or promoting a business. This is to avoid any conflict on interest.

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