How Stephanie Si's Game Plan To Explore All 193 UN Countries Can Help You

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Corner of No. 2 Road and Blundell RD. Located in Blundell Mall. Located in Vancity at the community stage room - walk pass the ATM machines and enter from the entrance at the end of the hall.

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"What’s your BIG dream? Think big, colossal, enormous, gigantic, massive, significant, and substantial. You know, the same dream your haters think is stupid, unrealistic, and impractical.

“Haters” could equally mean “lovers,” for often those closest to us doubt us the most: moms, dads, sisters, brothers, partners, friends, and even ourselves.

I, Stephanie Si of, have such a dream, which is to explore all 193 UN countries. And with the dream, I also have those fucking doubts.

Why, then, am I even motivated to transform my dream into my reality? How exactly will I transform my dream into my reality? Come experience the answers live on Sunday, January 20, 2019:

> My dream and game plan: Why is exploring all 193 UN countries my dream? How did I achieve 93 countries in the past 5 years? What have the highs and lows been, and how did I resolve the lows? How do I plan to achieve the remaining 100 countries?

> HOW MY DREAM HELPS YOU: You’re part of Kendrick’s merry band of meetup explorers because you enjoy world travel or are at least curious about it. Through my extensive travel, I’ve developed best practices that you can adopt to help you travel.

> How to travel safely, even in developing countries, South America, and Africa – no more excuses like “but it’s dangerous!”

> How to travel affordably, even less than $50 per person per day if necessary – no more excuses like “but it’s expensive!”

> How to travel purposefully, even with all the things you think hold you back – no more excuses like “but mom/insert name here will think I’m a lazy bum!”

> For the chance to win a souvenir on Sunday, click and pick your favorite next destination:

Continuing from my previous presentation in Nov 2018, we’ll choose some of your favorite next destinations and create real game plans / itineraries on the spot using the same specific and practical strategies I use when I plan my own travels.

> Q&A

Here's more about marvelous me, Stephanie Si:

I nickname myself for good reason.

Yes, I'm really a 35-year-old virgin. And, as you'll see, also an EXPERIENCE whore.

I've BEEN AROUND (to all 7 continents including Antarctica, all 5 oceans, and 93 U.N. countries).

And I'll TRY ANYTHING, such as ...

- surviving the spectacles, snorts, and stenches of wild, roaming beasts while bush camping for 4 months through 13 countries in Africa

Connect with me on Facebook for live travel vlogs:


Meet you Sunday, January 20, 2019!"