How To Protect Yourself And Stay Safe While Travelling by Tom Yung

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Vancity Blundell Mall (corner of No. 2 RD and Blundell RD)

6020 Blundell Rd · Richmond, BC

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Corner of No. 2 Road and Blundell RD. Located in Blundell Mall. Located in Vancity at the community stage room - walk pass the ATM machines and enter from the entrance at the end of the hall.

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Travel background

From 2016 to 2018, Tom travelled through Cambodia, Taiwan, Malaysia. In each country, he stayed in hostels and with homestays from rural towns to large cities. He enjoys staying in places for a prolonged time in order to get to know the place, culture, and locals. During his travels, Tom sparred/trained with many different martial arts practitioners, from competition MMA fighters to Karatekas, soldiers and street brawlers.

In 2017, when he was residing in a small town in Cambodia, Tom was asked by a group of local women to help train them in self-defence. It was that moment where Tom really felt like he found his calling. From then on, he knew that teaching martial arts was what he could do to help others.

Martial arts background

Tom Yung began training in Shaolin Gong Fu at age 5. He started taking martial arts training seriously at 15 years old with Sifu Darrel Johnston. Sifu Darrel trained primarily in Yang style Tai-Chi from Liang Shou Yu and Raymond Chow.

As a youngster, he would often observe Sifu Darrel’s sparring sessions with people of various martial disciplines. Having the privilege of watching high-level martial artists train, spar and trade knowledge was highly influential on Tom. He learned the importance of testing what you do against a live non-cooperative opponent.

At age 22, Tom began training privately in Classical Wing Chun under Sifu Eric Li (Ip Ching, Ip Man Lineage). Most of Tom’s martial arts practice is based on Wing Chun and its concepts. After several years of training in Wing Chun, Tom decided that he needed to test his skills and make sure they were real and functional; therefore, he began to seek out local martial artists that he could spar with and learn from. He is currently training in the style of Yiquan.

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