Let's get up close with pandas in Sichuan

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Hosted by: Georgina, Lee Ling, and Britta Admin (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/profile/1/Georgina%2C+Lee+Ling%2C+and+Britta+Admin)
Travel Agent: License no 02937 (WeirdoFreako Outdoor Pte Ltd.)

Note: The exact date is tentative as we are still finalising with the operator. The trip duration is 13 days including flight time. We will also update the itinerary once the details are finalised. Pls feel free to message us if you have any queries.

In this trip, we will visit the beautiful villages along the most beautiful highway, highway 318 of China. Visit Padacuo National Park, Yading nature reserve also known as the last Shangri-La. Be a volunteer at Panda research centre at Dujiangyan, visit the historical old towns of Moxi, cross a bridge that is over 300 years old. Explore one of the lowest elevated glaciers in the China Hailuogou National Park. Visit the Tibetan towns and monasteries we will pass by.

Xinduqiao in Au... read more (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/let-s-get-up-close-with-pandas-in-sichuan/506?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser)