Lets’ self-drive ATV to rainforest and challenge your limits – Kuala Lumpur

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Hosted by: Georgina Chin (https://www.threeplaygrounds.com/profile/7463/Georgina+Chin)
Have you always wanted to have an adventure ride on an ATV into the rainforest, passing through mud tracks, big boulders? The thrill of moving up the hill at about 45 degrees or more, tilting the ATV at 45 degrees sideways to get past mud tracks. I thought that since we make our way to KL for ATV, lets’ maximize our time and take 2 ATV packages. Route 1 the easier route with flatter terrain will bring us to 7 Tiers waterfall. The second route the more challenging route will bring us to Sofea Jane waterfall otherwise known as Kubang Gajah Waterfall. We will spend some time playing at a waterfall, for those with the energy you are welcome to climb the waterfall.

Riding through stream of Rainforest
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