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Federal Reserve Bank of NY tour
I am trying to schedule a Federal Reserve Bank tour. Dates for January are not currently available, but as soon as they become available I will book slots for whoever would like to come. Tours will only be available Monday - Friday at 1pm - 2pm. If you are not able to make on weekdays between these times please do not RSVP because seating is extremely limited. The information below is directly from the Federal Reserve website. Visitors must present a valid, government-issued ID with photo, such as a driver's license or passport. The name on the ID must match the name printed on the ticket. Photography is not allowed. Tours is free and is 1 hour in duration. Tours begin promptly on the hour. Late arrivals will not be accepted. Please limit the bags and belongings you bring to the museum. Storage is not available.

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    Travelers without borders. Join a group of like-minded people who like to travel unconventionally.

    Currently planning a trip to:
    Cancun, Mexico
    Malaga, Spain
    Quebec and Montreal, Canada
    Roadtrips all throughout the New England Area

    Road trips
    Bus trips
    Train trips
    International Travel

    I created this meetup in order to find people that love travel. I'm not planning conventional sanitized travel. Thats something you can plan with a travel agency, The types of travel I am planning include lots of "off-the-beaten-path" type places. Locations are planned and things to do will be researched, but nothing will be set in stone. We plan according to whats happening. Examples: we arent going to trek outside if its raining and we'll make a pit stop if we find something interesting along the way. Its all acceptable. The idea is to just go with the flow. Trips are more fun when we arent tied to a rigid schedule.

    Generally calm
    Open minded
    Comfortable around others
    Have a great smile

    When we go on trips, we will be spending some time together. For that reason I need people that are considering joining this group to have civility. We may not all share the same thoughts, values or beliefs, but we can all be open to listen and share ideas without being hostile to each other. Lets celebrate each others differences while enjoy each others similarities. There wont be lots of boundaries between us when we're on the road so thieves are not welcomed in this group. If being lost scares you or uncertainty makes you uneasy, this is probably not the best group for you. We will get lost plenty of times each trip and we will return home with TONS of fun stories to tell our friends, Finally, who should join this group are fun-loving people that have thick skin, can laugh in the face of any situation and have a great smile.

    Annual fee is $20 per person and everyone has a 90 day free trial period. Fees are used to pay for future venues and expenses such as the cost of starting the meetup, travel club memberships, snacks at certain venues and other things.

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