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Travels with Tarot is for anyone from the tarot-curious to the tarot-teacher. If you are interested in tarot and and love to travel, this is your meetup group.

Meetups will be in awesome locals in Southern California as well as planned tarot workshops and retreats across the United States, providing us with group tarot activities and time for tarot practice.

Look forward to...
Tarot on a Train
Beachfront Tarot
Taro-aoke (tarot + karaoke)
Tarot Glamp/Camp
Las Vegas Tarot
Sacred Sites
Tarot Take-overs
...and more!

Let's BE the Chariot and travel victoriously with our tarot decks in hand. And, like the Six of Swords, we'll leave our baggage behind and bring along like minded companions.

We'll meetup at amazing venues, like cafes, wine bars, parks, hotels, beaches, cruise ships, happy hours, trains, resorts, speakeasies, and... the sky's the limit!

Our age range is from 21 to 99. The older ones enlighten us with their wisdom and the youth keep us young at heart. We can all benefit from sharing with one another.

Simply put, this group is designed to take us from where we are to where we want to be, with purpose.

Thank you for spreading the word about this group. We need your help to grow our tarot tribe.

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Charm Casting with Tarot in Redlands

Redlands Holistic Health Center

Charm Casting is a divination system evolved from the ancient art of Bone Casting where you toss symbolic charms onto an image-rich casting cloth in order to interpret messages and decipher answers to life’s deepest questions. This presentation will provide you with everything you need to conduct your own charm casting reading and the ability to cast charm for others: 🗝 Your own Charm Casting Starter Kit 🗝 Complete Charm Casting instructions :: Interpreting Charms :: Casting cloths :: How to cast charms 🗝 Creating a Charm Lexicon 🗝 Charm Collecting 🗝 Charm Casting and… :: Tarot :: Spirit Boards :: Pendulums Charm Casting is super simple and amazingly accurate. With some practice, you’ll surprise yourself and impress your friends as you easily master charm casting. Join Michele Andres of mystic-mentor.com and learn all about this fun divination tool for psychic guidance and intuitive insights. Costs: $10 Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/charm-casting-tickets-54497098288

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