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Calling all travel lovers to come join us on our adventures. Let's get together for affordable activities in India and around the globe. I myself have travelled to many parts of the world and made several friends along the way. Hence I started this group not only to share my expertise on travel, but to meet new people and help you make the most of your trips.

The ideal member of this group would be one who is a travel aficionado. Someone who likes to travel in groups, make new friends and who is open to new experiences.

There are several reasons why someone should join our group. Most importantly to travel and discover places. With our expertise and knowledge about places around the globe, helps us ensure that people who will travel with us will make the most of their trip. I will make sure that during the trips the travellers will be taught something about the local culture in the midst of which they are. Most importantly once somebody travels with us, he will officially become part of our global travellers network and can make the most of it as well.

In the paragraph above I say we because I have done my MBA from Cardiff UK, during which I had the good fortune of making friends from around the world. I myself have travelled to several countries. Hence with the help of my network I will ensure I am able to plan memorable holidays for my members.

Members can expect to see great travel destinations and a reasonable price as we will be travelling in groups and make the most of group discounts. We will be exploring the culture of any place we visit, such as museums, local restaurants and other activities which would help learn about the culture. Also a little bit of adventure such as camping, trekking, white water rafting, etc. All these activities will always be planned with reputed organizations, to ensure the safety of the members. Trips will be planned for both India and abroad. Holidays could range from weekend getaways to 2 weeks trips as well.

Most importantly members will be not be charged extra for the trips. I have passion to travel and meet new people, so everything will be transparent, booking costs will disclosed to the members. Therefore this group is not created to make money, but is aimed at making a global network of travellers which is a worth a lot more than any monetary value.

When you travel with people you get to know them better and this something I have experienced several times. With the help of this group, members will get a chance to interact with people from different walks of life and different ethnic backgrounds. Hence can help people grow their network which in today’s world is priceless. Hence the quote “The opposite of networking is not working”- Unknown. As an organiser I will make sure that all the travellers get to know each other before the trips and a lot better during the course of the holiday. Getting to know each other activities will be organized before the trip such as lunch, dinner meets or could also just be coffee. Whatsapp, Facebook groups will be created so that people can interact with each other.

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