What we're about

We want people who are curious about meaningful conversation topics. We hope to have discussions about "faith" and life in a safe and interpersonal setting.
Members of this group should join to share and gain insights as we grow together.
You can expect small group conversation setting (groups of 4 at every table), a facilitated large group presentation with unique videos and questions every week, cookies and coffee!

Logistics: We will gather together for an hour at St. Alphonsos, Nampa on Tuesday evenings.

Upcoming events (5)

How to Live to 100

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Nampa

“How to Live to 100: Advice From Those Who’ve Done It,” features a short film in which centenarians (people who have reached the age of 100) share their secrets for reaching the century mark. “Commonly, aging is seen as a negative thing in today’s society,” said Lifetree Café national director, Craig Cable. “This Lifetree episode presents a different view and celebrates the benefits of achieving old age.” Lifetree participants will be given the chance to share their opinions of what it means to age well.

A Father's Power

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Nampa

“A Father’s Power: How Dads Shape Us—for Better or Worse,” includes a filmed interview with former gang member and current father Mark DeEsparza. “I can’t recall a time I was really engaged or active with my father,” says DeEsparza. “I watched other children spending time with their fathers, fishing or going to games and being engaged. I looked for that growing up and couldn’t find it.”

Can God Love a Mess Like Me?

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Nampa

“Can God Love a Mess Like Me?” features a filmed interview with William Paul Young, author of The Shack and Cross Roads. The Shack has sold over 20 million copies, though Young never intended to publish it. “I wrote it to communicate to my kids about the character of God, to make asking questions about God’s kindness and goodness okay.” The Shack became a major motion picture released in March 2017 and went on to win the Gospel Music Association Dove Award for Inspirational Film of the Year.


Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Nampa

“Concussions: A Former NFL Player Speaks Out,” features a filmed interview with former NFL tight end Ben Utecht, who suffered five confirmed concussions during his career. “My concussions, as they continued to happen, had a greater and greater impact on my personality,” Utecht explains. “Loss of short- and long-term memory is an issue I deal with, and I’m only in my 30s.” During the program, participants will have the opportunity to share ideas for reducing the risk of concussions in sports at all levels.

Past events (10)

An Encounter With God

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center Nampa

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