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Trekking is a way of walking using sticks or poles. Trekking poles are similar to ski poles in their look and use. Purposefully walking or hiking with rhythm is a natural fit for many yoga exercises and movements. While exploring one’s ability to challenge our bodies as we “trek”, our minds can feel safe to explore nature as our body learns a balance between bipedal and pronograde momentum. Always having two points of contact on the ground at the same time. Long hidden natural and primal core strengths will also begin to develop as you exercise this way in various terrains.
As for myself, developing this program is a work in progress and with that, I have learned a few things:
Properly fitting hands to the pole straps, how one is holding the handle and walking in syncopated coordination with poles attached to each hand can be challenging. We can spend lots of time learning this ‘dance’ and like Yoga, it takes practice. Dance? Yes believe it or not, it’s like a dance and should be a class in itself so that will be happening soon.. A location with a flight of stairs or one steep hill or two will do. Class location suggestions are welcome❣️
For those more advanced trekking enthusiasts, Trek and Yoga will be scouting different locations to challenge our fortitude.
Venue /trail location suggestions for these events are also welcome.

At this time we will be yoga trekking at locations where basic services such as cell service and parking are generally available. Ones Health and Safety should always be a priority and you are solely responsible for your own safety and well-being while participating in any event posted.
Wishing y’all the best💐
I have a few trekking poles available for loan and have discount codes available for purchase(BAFX carbon). Please advise if you should need a loaner pair or the discount url and code.

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Trek and Yoga Basics

Temecula Duck Pond

Learn the ‘Trekking and Yoga’ basics. Have you mastered rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time?.. Good, you will be a natural, but some could use a little coaching. Useful information for future trekking and outdoor events. Standing: You will learn how to fit your hands to the poles and straps. We will practice a little Yoga with sticks; warrior positions one & two, two stick flat back, triangle stretch, squat and recovery. Trekking: You will learn how a natural Pole/stick swing happens while trekking with two & three point contact. On the stairs and hill side, you will learn proper arm and pole placement when going up hill, down hill and side to side. This class will take about forty five minutes instruction and as long as you would like to practice. Please note RSVP if you are trying this out and will need a pair of poles. I have four pair available. If you’re bringing your own great! This is a city park, no cost to access or participate in this event. Yoga mats are NOT required.

Wilderness Park & Picnic

Wilderness Gardens Preserve Trail

A little pole Yoga practice then off to trekking. This park has mostly easy trails, interesting fauna and property history. It’s an easy drive along highway 76, look for the hiker with a pole sign, the entrance is just past that. Bring three dollars for parking. There are picnic tables and restroom facilities. It’s a nice place for a picnic, or, the Pala casino down the road has a very good cafe. All you may need is a little water, good shoes and a smile. Hope to see you there❣️

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Pre-Event trail trek

Wilderness Gardens Preserve Trail

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