Journey to lands of beautiful nature and ancient civilization - Caucasia

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This is a journey to lands of beautiful and surreal nature of semi-arid desert, high alitude lake, waterfalls, majestic biblical mountain, lush vegetations canyons, mars like landscape with bubbling mud volcanoes, and to caves where ancients and legends lived. This is also an ancient land where is one of the first centres of humans civilization. We will get to visit five UNESCO sites over three countries, experience the land where fire worship was born, Azerbaijan. Visit the first country that embrace Christianity, Armenia. Taste wine from where wine is first made and visit Stalin's birth place in Georgia. Even experience the unique hot springs and crude oil treatments found only in this part of the world. It is uncommon to experience and see such diverse landscapes and cultures in 3 countries and I invite you to join me in this life transforming journey to Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

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