Let's Discover the World's Greatest Marine Ecosystem - Raja Ampat

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We will find a pristine paradise where Mother Nature and warm friendly people welcome us with all the exceptional wonders in Raja Ampat. With its spectacular wonders above and beyond its waters, as well as on land and amidst the thick jungles, this is truly the place where words such as beautiful, enchanting, magnificent, and fascinating gets its true meaning. Raja Ampat literally means ‘The Four Kings ’ is an archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, cays, and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. The name Raja Ampat itself is believed to be derived from a legend where a woman found seven eggs, four of them hatched and became the kings of the four main islands, while the other three became a woman, a ghost, and a stone. I thought to experience an immersive experience, I have decided it is best to experience its nature living on board a boat by chartering a b... read more (http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/let-s-discover-the-greatest-marine-diversity-of-the-world-raja-ampat/600?utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=meetupteaser)