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This group will be led by a Neurodevelopmental Practitioner.
My mission is to share a highly effective NON PILL program for families whose children are experiencing the hurt and frustration of academic struggles, hyperactivity, and or emotional challenges.
With the alarming rate of children being diagnosed with ADHD requiring medication, I felt the need to empower parents with a foundational program with simple yet effective healing movements.
When the reflex and sensory systems are not integrated into the central nervous system, "symptoms" can be one or more of these:
*ACADEMIC STRUGGLES (reading, writing, reading comprehension, math +
I will offer free foundation workshops covering:

*What are the importance of reflex and sensory integration and the effects on academics and emotional behavior.
*Giving information : Maximizing your child's Academic Potential (no need for tutors when you engage a whole brain fitness program)
*Power of brain hierarchy
* Brain Gut connection
*MId Brain Activities

This group are for those parents who first would rather try a science based natural program for their child.

I am based in Fremont, but will be hosting free powerful workshops throughout the Tri Cities area and Silicon Valley.

Please visit my website for more information:

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