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So here we are 2018, starting our 11th year in Meetup. Over the years we have figured out what works and what does not work in having a successful meetup events and group as a whole.

To make your Meetup experience a success we highly recommend the following:

1. Post the most updated photo you have doing the event or activity you like the most. Reflect who you are today in 2018. All photos must be from 2018. We want to see who you are today not in the yesteryears. This goes for everybody.

2. Update your RSVP within one week of the Meetup event. Please do not wait until the last second. Many members will RSVP because they want to meet new friends.

3. Under no circumstances are you to contact members of the opposite sex that you do not know prior to meeting them at a meetup event and only after you have their permission. We have a few former members that did just that. If you see someone you would like to meet show up at a meetup. That is what this platform is for..to meet real people. We are not a dating site.

The whole goal of Meetup is to come to events, meet, make and develop friendships . We call ourselves Tri County Adventures because life is an adventure and adventures should be done with friends. We also have events in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County. We have a huge following in Palm Beach County and are coming on strong in Fort Lauderdale and North Miami Beach. We occasionally go to Miami ( I lived there for 35 years) and I am usually the one driving. We also go to the Keys, Islamorada and Key Largo.

I look back at the last 10 years of Meetup and it seems like lifetimes. Good times! I implore you to go to the photo section of this meetup group and see all that we have done over the years.

Things move pretty fast around here but we will guide you into the mix at your speed. Thanks for coming out to an event or two. You'll see that you like it after a while. The goal is 10 meetups. By 5 meetups people will start to recognize you and by 10 everyone will know your name just like the theme goes.

When I joined Meetup in 2006 it took me 3 months to come to my first event and that was a scary proposition. The people I met on my first Meetup became my friends through all our crazy adventures for the next few years.







We are really good at plugging you into the community immediately and making new friends at the same time. There are a lot of great Meetup groups out there and we offer the most variety of them all. Every year we clock in about 365 events. That is almost 1 a day. We are like vitamins!

Tri County Adventures counts on members like yourself that bring energy and fun to the group. We like to do new stuff and South Florida has new stuff all the time. Today alone I read about 5 new restaurants and clubs opening and today is only Thursday.

I thank every day for Tri County Adventures and especially Meetup. I don't know where I would be without them. Beach night is our #1 event and we start that the first Tuesday after tax day. Put it on your calendars.

Tri-county Adventures

Big Dave


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Putt'n Around Delray Beach

Some thing different on a Friday night Putt'n Around in Delray, this is a fun mini golf with 36 holes, and drinks special. Have a Bottle of Beer or a Glass of Wine while you play. We have a group special $9 for 18 holes. Pay your own way, get your club and ball then join the group for some fun. Look forward to seeing you there Maria

2019 Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

Downtown Lake Worth

Maria is hosting the event this year. Please refer all questions to her. This is the time when the art has come together and really starts to pop. I like to hang out during the daytime. The event starts at 10:00 am I will bein front of Too Jay to about 10:15 if you want to meet me. Once we get an idea of how many people are coming to this event I will a times and locations to meet for lunch. enjoy the day and hook up with friends during the day as well. • What to bring The event is free but the parking most likely will not be. Remember to bring sunscreen, water and good walking shoes. • Important to know Be aware of the weather. This is a rain or shine event because it doesn't rain forever in this town.

JM Lexus Sunday Jazz Brunch

Museum of Discovery and Science & AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater

WE ARE BACK!!! We are going to join many other meetup groups too as a bonus. Many of the regular MU members belong to the same groups so it stand to reason that we will all be mingling together. Becky is hosting this event. She has one or two very large white tents underneath a big tree. Remember to bring food and drink to share. She always has a great turn out. If you were standing in front of the main stage looking towards the street you'll see, we are under the tree on your left. WE ARE DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND DISCOVERY. WE ARE NEXT TO THE RENTAL BIKES! Parking in the garage next to the Discovery Center is $12 while prices vary among the lots along 2nd street. The City Garage is always $5. We will treat this like a beach night except it is daylight and we are listening to Jazz music but you get the jist of it. We hope to make this a regular thing especially in the Winter/Spring session. We will be across the street from the Broward Center of Performing Arts aka IMAX theater because that is where all the canopies congregate. Parking in the garage is $12 while prices vary among the lots along 2nd street - expect ranges between $5 and $10. There are meters along 2nd street but you'll need to get there around 9:30a to get one. The later you arrive, the further away you have to park or the more expensive parking will be. Marker: If you were standing in front of the main stage looking towards the street you'll see, we are under the tree on your left. WE ARE DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND DISCOVERY.




SORRY TO SAY THIS WILL BE THE LAST ADVENTURE ON THIS RIVER. STUART IS CLOSING DOWN THIS PARK AND THE VENDOR WILL BE CLOSE THE END OF MARCH. So please join us for an afternoon of kayaking the South Fork of the St Lucie River THE PRICE IS $26 FOR SINGLE * $36 FOR A DOUBLE IF YOU CAN SHARE A DOUBLE AS THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH SINGLE KAYAKS, I will refund the difference in price. You must pay for your kayak, once all are paid the event is closed first one to pay are in. We have all the kayaks reserved under Tri County or Maria,

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