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Join the TEA PARTY Family. Learn about upcoming TEA PARTY's and other Events. Meet with local fans of the nationally syndicated talk shows hosts, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck & Ann Coulter. Get connected Tuned In and Turned On. There is hope for "Our Kind of HOPE" and together we're "Spreading the Word."

Three Tenants of Tri-State Tea Party:

1. Love God and all his Creation.

2. Transparency

3. Republic protecting the Rights of the Individual

Goal of Tri-State Tea Party

A robust well educated enlightened Electorate.

Activity of Tri-State Tea Party


Credo of Tri-State Tea Party


Statement on the United States Constitution of Tri-State Tea Party

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." -John Adamsaddress to the military Oct. 11, 1798

Statement on Endorsements of TeaPartyAlliance.US

The Tri-State Tea Party is an Educational Organization and purposely does not "Endorse" candidates, Three reasons are: 1.To avoid infighting 2.To create a better electorate citizen 3.We are not a Political Party and therefore do not promote candidates, slates of candidates or political parties.

United, for Liberty, United in Strength.


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Tea Party Luncheon

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Tea Party Luncheon

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