What we're about

This is for all those songwriters / guitar players / musicians AND home producers / home recording engineers.

This meetup will be about the whole process of creating and capturing music. From the original riff or lyrical hook to creating a coherent song to recording that song on your computer (or a project studio) to mixing and mastering to distributing the finished song.

I'm starting this group to connect with other musicians who also record or want to record their music. I enjoy the creative aspect of recording and producing music every bit as much as I enjoy the creative aspect of songwriting and playing. Technology now allows musicians to produce studio quality results at home, and the details of recording are every bit as demanding and FUN as the details of songwriting and playing. This is about learning, connecting, creating and having fun!

Past events (3)

Tri-Valley Songwriting Meeting #3

2531 Marsh Dr

Tri-Valley Songwriting / Music Production Meeting #2

Needs a location