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This group is for riders, of all skill levels, who enjoy the scenery more than tackling the road and turns. It's about finding someone to ride with when you want to go riding. You will notice we don't have big rides of 20-30 people. We enjoy the smaller group of 5-10 where we can relax and enjoy the road rather than worry about riders around you.

Think about this as a way to ask a group of friends to go riding with you. Not creating an event

About 1/2 our members are active. 1/2 joined but never returned to the page after joining. Please join if you want to participate. If you haven't at least visited the web page in 4 months I will remove you and notify you. If I remove you and you want to remain a member, just rejoin the group.

There are no membership fees or requirements

All members will be made event organizers. You want to go for a ride? Today, tomorrow, next week? Post it. Find people who want to go. You are in charge. Post your rides. If you're going anyways someone might want to ride with you.

If there is a ride posted on a day, and you want to go somewhere else, post it. Maybe there are people who want to go there instead

We ride about 3-7 mph above the speed limit. Make sure your comfortable with that. We have nowhere to go, plenty of time to get there, and take social/scenic breaks. Lunch? Small restaurants, cold beer, and locals to talk to.

Rides will usually range from short rides to 300+ miles. Longer overnight rides are possible. Check out our past rides to get a feel for it. It's up to you. Schedule what you want. We are not looking for big group rides. Just people who like to relax and ride weekends and weekdays too. Since any member can create an event, they can be any length, shape, size, you want.

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