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James Joyce Monthly Beer Tasting: Hybrid Beers

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James Joyce Irish Pub

912 W. Main St. · Durham, NC

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Buy your tasting sheet at the bar, then look for the guy with the tub of beers!

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This month we've decided to take a road less travelled for our theme. We're featuring 'hybrid' beers. Nuff said, right? Well, maybe not. Here's a nice description I found (on "These anomalies of the beer world aren't quite ales and they're not quite lagers. By applying unique production methods, brewers are able to create some remarkably unique hybrid beers, ranging from altbier to cream ale to the delightfully quaffable kölsch."

To delve into the slightly more technical, beer styles are usually divided into two broad categories based on yeast preference for fermentation temperature: those that prefer warmer temperatures (ales) and those that prefer cooler temperatures (lagers). And generally speaking, warmer fermentation produces fruity complex notes, and cooler fermentation produces clean, crisp characteristics. But, hybrid beers are, well, somewhere in between. Usually an ale-family yeast is used more like a lager (e.g., cream ale, kölsh), or lager-family yeast is used more like an ale (e.g., steam beer). Additionally, when classic styles are mixed or unusual ingredients are added, these, too, are sometimes included in the 'hybrid' category.

Please do come and join us the evening of Wednesday, March 6th, for an eclectic mix of hybrid-style beers. You can expect kölsh, cream ale, altbier, steam beer, and more! Six pours of up to 6 oz. each (depending on the beer). Your cost is $12 for the tasting, plus $3 for a J.J. tasting glass - if you don't already have one from a previous tasting. Runs from 7pm to 10pm; show up any time in between and taste at your own pace, in whichever order you like. Don't forget your glass!

James Joyce Irish Pub * 912 W. Main St., Durham NC *[masked]

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