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Distributed Clojure with Matt Hoffman

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Matt will give a talk and Relevance will provide pizza and beverages.

Distributed Clojure

So you have a Clojure project, and you want to expand beyond one JVM. What are your options? When do you pick Cascalog, vs. Storm, vs. vanilla Hadoop, vs. a simple queue? We'll give an overview of options for distributed processing in the Clojure universe, as well as some pros and cons of each. If you're awash in options for scaling your project, this will hopefully be helpful for you. If you're using one of these options and want to offer your experience or get a feel for what else is out there, this will hopefully be helpful for you. If you just want to have pizza and imagine parenthesis flying over network cables, this will hopefully be somewhat entertaining.Bring your own experience: We'll cover typical use cases and "you might want to use this when ..." scenarios for some of the big and not-so-big players in the distributed processing world, but think of it as more of a guided discussion rather than pure presentation. Your experience and anecdotes are welcome!

About Matt Hoffman:

Matt has been working on high-volume distributed software since before "Big Data" was cool. His background includes high-volume messaging and data distribution platforms for FEMA, TSA and intelligence agencies, as well as retail forecasting and allocation software for a number of multi-million-dollar retailers.

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