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Workshop: Programming Music With Alda and Clojure
(NB: This meetup will tentatively be held at Adzerk, but we might move it to a larger space if there are a lot of people planning to attend. Keep an eye on this page for updates!) --- Alda ( is a music composition language implemented in Clojure. After experiencing the frustration of writing music using graphical sheet music notation programs, Dave Yarwood designed Alda as an experiment to see if music could be better expressed in text form. Alda allows you to write musical scores as source files and play them back using the `alda` command-line program. The core of the Alda language is simple enough to be learned easily, but is extended by inline Clojure scripting, which allows you to do more powerful things like algorithmically generate the pitch content of your score. --- Alda links: Website: GitHub: Twitter (#aldalang): Slack user group: --- In this workshop, we will: * Install the `alda` compiler/interpreter. * Learn the basics of writing a score using Alda, including an introduction to basic music concepts for those who aren't familiar. * Learn how to use functional programming techniques to compose music, by way of writing Clojure code inside of an Alda score. Please bring your laptop so that you can follow along and compose and play your own Alda scores! Clojure experience and music composition experience are NOT required! This workshop will offer something for everyone, regardless of your programming or music background. Pizza and beverages will be provided. --- Dave Yarwood is a composer, musician, and software engineer at Adzerk, where he uses Clojure and ClojureScript to build UIs, APIs, and backend services. In addition to Alda (an open-source music composition programming language), he maintains a number of open-source Clojure libraries such as ezzmq (a high-level ZeroMQ library for Clojure) and Mantra (a ClojureScript Web Audio API music library). Dave holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with focuses in Music Composition and Bassoon Performance. When he's not programming, he's usually playing music somewhere. On most Monday nights, you'll find him playing guitar and leading the Flash Chorus band at Motorco Music Hall in Durham. Website: GitHub: Twitter:


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