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About Triad EcoHub!

Triad EcoHub! is powered by TEEM (Temple Emanuel’s Environmental Movement). TEEM has been hosting an Environmental Film/Speaker Series since 2007. Typically held the first Thursday of the month and 3 Tuesday of the month, this popular, ongoing initiative inspires attendees to take action. Since 2007, TEEM has educated the public through participation in environmental workshops, attendance at city-wide events and by taking part in interfaith environmental efforts including local Earth Day celebrations and sustainability fairs.

The goal of Triad EcoHub! is to list TEEM's environmental meetings and events, to keep you informed about happenings about town hosted by other organizations.

The environmental challenges of our time are indeed immense. Are you concerned about Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations? Coal ash spills? Fracking? Honey bee colony collapse? Global warming? Climate change? Sea level rise? Severe weather events? Energy? Transportation? Or one of the many other environmental challenges that we face? The goal of Triad EcoHub! is to connect you with the many different environmental meetings, events, and resources in the Triad that address environmental issues.

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