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The Triangle Area Gardeners and Homesteaders was formed to foster community as we learn about and promote healthy, sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyles as well as environmental stewardship.

It does not matter if you have an apartment in downtown Raleigh or live on a farm in Chatham County, Triangle Area Gardeners and Homesteaders (TAGaH) Meetup Group has something that will help you to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the world around us.

In TAGaH, members can share their experience in gardening, canning, bee keeping, raising live stock, beer and wine making, learning about wild edibles, through field trips and hands on demonstrations. The TAGaH was also established as a way for members to trade and barter for the products they make. Fresh eggs, honey, all kinds of fruits and vegetables, home made soap are examples that members can bring to each meetup for trade.

Please look at the categories on our message board regularly; we hope you'll come to the group for advice, and we hope even more that you'll offer advice to those who are looking for assistance! We look forward to providing an interactive learning community for you online as well as in person.

With over 900 members, we are growing fast! Please join us. All are welcome!

Upcoming events (2)

Making Herbals and Helping Raptors *Free Event!*

Fortnight Brewing Company

Want to know ways to use the herbs you are growing or have grown? Learn to make Salves, extracts, poultices, teas, pills and capsules, and even culinary supplements! This presentation will be in the main room of Fortnight Brewing Company in Cary NC. There will be a break between each type of herbal blending method to introduce the birds of the American Wildlife Refuge and try to raise funds for them. There will also be plenty of time to ask specific questions during each section of the show.

Durham/Hillsborough area gardeners sharing ideas and garden bounty

Is anyone in the Durham/Hillsborough area interested in getting together to meet other gardeners and talk about challenges and successes in urban/suburban gardening? (For example, deer, slugs, and other garden thieves, bluebirds for insect control, avoiding squash borers.) Perhaps we could have a potluck where we bring dishes made from our garden bounty? I live in north Durham and would be glad to open my home for something like this.

Past events (571)

Wake Forest Dirt Day *Free Family Event!*

South White Street

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