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State of Ember, Linting Ember, and Ember + Firebase

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Join us for a night full of EmberJS this February at Nest Raleigh in Downtown Raleigh.

We will have Todd Jordan, Justin Ray, and Dan Yuschick speaking about the state of Ember, linting, and Ember + Firebase.


Topics & Speakers

Title: State of Ember.js

Speaker: Todd Jordan, EmberJS Learning Core Team, Software Developer, Genesys (Formerly Interactive Intelligence)

Brief: We'll take a look at what 2017 might look like for Ember, going over some interesting initiatives and projects around the Ember ecosystem.


Title: LintingMFAO - Sexy Code and I Know It

Speaker: Justin Ray, Software Developer, Genesys (Formerly Interactive Intelligence)

Brief: In this talk, we’ll discuss the basics of linting and dig into the latest linter, eslint. I’ll cover configuration and some of the tooling ecosystem from cli and auto-fix to IDE integration. Finally, we’ll bring it home with how eslint can be integrated into your Ember project (including testing).


Title: Ember + Firebase

Speaker: Dan Yuschick, IronYard

Brief: Demo creating a project in Firebase and integrating it into a basic Ember site by using the Ember package Ember Fire. Populate the table and make changes in Firebase to demo the real-time data binding.