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Lunch & Learn at Triangle English Conversation Meetup!
Here's our new promo video - :) These Lunch & Learns are for those who want to do more than just "socialize" - we will discuss topics such as American vs British English, specific vocabulary, American idioms, and anything else we decide :) We will use TED talks and other YouTube videos to show different ways of saying things in American English correctly - and discuss topics from casual conversation to phrasal verbs to idioms and more :) Please RSVP and join us - all you need is a donation to support our group ($5 or more) and conversation topics or other videos to add to the list - COMMENT BELOW if you have topics!! This lunch meetup will be every TWO may buy food or drink for lunch if you want, but it is not required. They have DELICIOUS Mediterranean salads and entrees :) See you soon! :) (If there is less than 2 people going, I will cancel the Meetup by 10 am that day, and we will try again in 2 weeks! :) Thanks for understanding! :)

Jasmin Bistro

1624 Walnut St · Cary, NC

Respond by: 12/20/2018

What we're about

Is this YOU? You know English grammar, sentence structure, and enough vocabulary - but you DON'T have a place to PRACTICE your English conversation skills, with a native American teacher who is willing to help you correct your mistakes in the conversation, or talk about them afterwards. This way you learn how to more effectively communicate with American English speakers.

Lunch & Learn Promo Video ( - watch some of our members tell you why YOU should join us! :)

If English is your second language, it is fun to practice in this way, with others who are learning too! Free conversation practice - donate any amount - the usual amount is $5. Registration required. We will practice English in conversation through questions and group participation, and we will discuss idioms and phrases often used in American English so you can know how to use them in everyday conversation :)

I decided to start as the Organizer again after seeing the need for English Conversation practice with my students and others who need this to gain confidence - in everyday life, school or work. It makes such a difference to have a place to ask questions, practice and feel good about speaking English! :)

So...we will focus on things like -

1) specific language topics like idioms or other phrases

2) social events like restaurant meals or pot lucks at member houses

And I have picked the location that suits us best - right now I am holding meetups at Jasmin Cafe and La Vida Dolce in Cary. I will expand to other locations as we grow, but these are great places to meet for now - both are small restaurants managed by non-native speakers and I love to give them business - and both have delicious food! :) Also, they are centrally located - right between Apex/Holly Springs and West Cary/RTP area.

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