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Come join me as I offer this Mediation and Healing Circle as MY GIFT to the TRIANGLE COMMUNITY! Vickie Penninger welcomes EVERYONE to join this non-denominational group focusing on coming together once a month or so to offer healing energy to benefit you, your family, friends, groups of people, businesses, organizations, countries, geographical areas or the planet as a whole. There is strength in numbers and where attention goes, energy flows!

Healing requests can be explained to the group or simply placed in a basket which will be located in the center of the circle.

We will begin each meditation and healing circle with a guided meditation to help us open our hearts and to facilitate the joining and heightening of our energies.

Then each person will offer energy, intentions, prayers, or positive thoughts to these requests in her or his own way, using whatever spiritual or religious beliefs they may have. This will be done in silence.

• If you have names to be placed in the basket but cannot come to the Meetup email them to

• If you wish for the name(s) to be anonymous, mail the request to Vickie Penninger, 711 Kimbrough St, Raleigh, NC 27608 and mark on the outside of the envelope “For the Healing Circle.” The envelope will be placed in the basket, unopened.

I will be offering this meetup free of charge once a month or so and we will be gathering in Raleigh or other locations by announcement.

We are anticipating profound, miraculous results based on previous experiences! Everyone is welcome to attend. Our only requirement is an open heart and purity of intent! Please join us!

Yours in gratitude, love and light,

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