MintzFlow Movement Workshop

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Please join the incredibly talented Ryan for a two hour meetup! Ryan is a movement and mobility specialist with a passion for gymnastics and Cirque inspired fitness. He has spent the last 16 years of my life coaching gymnastics including Olympic and national teams. He also trained with Cirque Du Soleil for a few years doing anything from Duo Silks, cordelisse, and aerial straps, to Chinese pole, handbalancing and partner acrobatics. The MintzFlow Movement Method is designed to help you move better. You will learn how to make your joints move like joints without the usual compensation patterns, build strength through deeper ranges of motion, improve and understand posture dynamics, and tie that back together in a way that respects evolutionary biology. We will then use this new level of control to do skillful movement, gymnastics inspired fitness and pain-free living. We will meet in TRC’s main gym area. Make sure you get there a little early because we will be starting promptly at 11:30am. If you have never been to TRC, we suggest arriving 15 minutes early, to ensure you do not miss any of the meet up! Your first visit to the gym with the meetup is free admission and subsequent visits with the meetup are $15 (outside of meetups, day pass rates of $19 apply)