Bike Night


Just like last week, this is where local riders meet every should really try to make it, the weather is going to be perfect and this is a good place to meet other riders. I hope to see there.

Details of the meetup:

This is a meetup/hangout meet. We start out at the Fairgrounds to hang out, talk, get to know each other, and oogle at each other's bikes. Going on rides you typically don't get a change to meet and talk to make new friends so this is the meet for that. We hang out at the Fairgrounds for about an hour till 7. After getting a concensus on a place for grub, we do a normal paced ride over to grab some food to eat and continue hanging out. After grub, we spend the rest of the evening at Napper Tandy's in Downtown Raleigh.

You are welcome to come for all or part of the meetup. Some people just go to the Fairgrounds and hang out then leave and some stay for the whole night. The choice is entirely yours. Seeing as how grub changes every week you may want to come out and get to know a regular so they can shoot you a text on the grub location if that's where you want to meetup.

As always ride your own ride and enjoy yourself.