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    Joined Sep 16, 2016
    I am Michael, Founder of the East Coast Hemp Initiative.
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    Joined May 18, 2016
    Currently living in and building my tiny on wheels in Durham, NC
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    I am a self-employed custom picture framer. I have a vintage airstream I want to renovate. I am interested in streamlining my life . I attended the tiny house workshop in raleigh recently and am excited to learn more about tiny living.
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    Member since 3/2015. Building Tiny House since 6/2017 Living in Tiny House since 4/2018
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    I studied environmental design and have always been interested in maximizing the use of small spaces (I'd be happy to help anyone with some of their design questions). I'm fascinated by the tiny house movement and hoping to build my own.
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    Building a business online? I help internet entrepreneurs earn a living from their audience. http://FrankCJones.com
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    I'm John Williams and have always created tiny spaces from childhood to present. I have design/build Earth Sheltered Homes throughout Iowa in 1979-early 80's. I still do design and consulting on Passive Solar Green Roof structures & Off Grid ECO-PODS
  • Event organizer, Wildwoods Farm Community
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    Interested in creating a tiny eco village
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    I am Paul, Founder of http://localHemp.org Interested in Sustainable Local Living. Studied Biofuels and Green Building at C.C.C.C. in Pittsboro.