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Would you like to meet and get to know women of other faiths in the Triangle area, but just don’t know how? This is a grassroots group of women from various faith backgrounds who would like to do just this! One woman in our fledgling group shared that we have the ability to start a “movement” for positive connections among women of faith in our community. There has never been a more important time than now for this to happen.

Our hope is that this group can become a communication hub, leading to ways for interfaith women to gather and socialize. Offerings could cover a variety of topics and interests throughout the year. It will be up to the members to create these opportunities, where other members can pick and choose the events that are of interest to them and work within their schedule. This group is a place for women who are inspired to lead and have particular gifts and talents to initiate events though this portal throughout the year, with at least of few events a year being simply large social gatherings for all the members.

TWIG is a group of interfaith women whose purpose is to come together with open hearts and minds to discuss our similarities and differences, and to build relationships. While politics may affect certain faith groups at different times, we feel that it is best to only discuss these issues in general terms, and to not delve into discussions that include political parties, leaders, candidates or specific issues or preferences.

We encourage you to pass along the invitation and announcements to all the women in your faith community. To be clear, this is strictly an interfaith social group, with potential for us to perhaps take a deeper dive within some activities, in order to learn about each other’s faiths (i.e. a book study event). The goal is to encourage understanding of each other’s beliefs, and not to proselytize in any way. So let’s start getting to know one another ladies!

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