What we're about

Our mission: to build community by creating inclusive and clique-free events for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women in the Triangle area of NC.

The Need

It all began in 2001 when a few grrrls who were new to the area were looking for a way to meet new friends of all ages and explore the Triangle. We began hosting events with the belief that they should be inclusive and clique-free.

The Secret Ingredient

Our most critical invention, “the HostGrrrl” was instantly born. She is any member who dreams up an idea for an event, volunteers to host it at whatever location she chooses, and is available to greet attendees and make introductions. Newcomers and shy folks need not fear that they won’t fit in, because our events are meant for *all* lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women. Every member is capable of – and encouraged to – dream up and host their own events. It’s the single best way we know to meet women who share your interests. We’ve even found that some of our best HostGrrrls are often newcomers or ShyGrrrls. Perhaps it’s because these people feel a special motivation to meet new friends, and are extra sensitive about making sure that everyone feels welcome.

The Result

Other LBT groups around the country have not grasped the importance of HostGrrrl. Attendance increases dramatically when hesitancy is removed from the minds of potential attendees. It makes a big difference. We’ve had many new members from areas like San Francisco and New York City remark that it is far easier to connect with friends and community in the Triangle area because of TriangleGrrrls. We think that’s really saying something.

The Success

We’re proud to say that our success has migrated to other states – places where our former members have moved, noticed a need in their community, and worked with us so that they could develop similar communities in their areas. Come explore with us. Attend an event. Use your imagination to come up with your own ideas for meeting intelligent, fun, attractive women who are interested in meeting new friends like you.

The Community

We are proud to have grown from our humble beginnings to around 1200 active members on the original web site and still going strong.

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Pickleball for Fun & RBC Afterwards

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Weekly mindfulness meditation group

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