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Single men and women gather for sporting activities, parties, performances, art evenings, lectures, seminars, courses, volunteer vacations, weekend getaways, dining in favorite restaurants, entertainment events suggested by members of the Tribe of positive, successful singles.

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Be a Guest on TV Talk Show Taped in Chicago

Steve Harvey TV Talk Show invites you to RSVP to this week's casting call for upcoming episodes. Please respond with the info below ASAP and please pass the word on to anyone you know. - Full Name - Age - Location - Phone Number - E-mail - Professional Title / Occupation - 3 or more photos and at least one full length photo - An explanation of your story Choose a show topic that speaks to you and RSVP now: ARE YOU STRUGGLING AS A STEPMOM? Are you married or engaged to a man and having a hard time relating to your husband's kids? Do you want your stepchildren to embrace you as a parent? Do you want every one to get along once and for all? Contact us ASAP! ARE YOU A SWINGER AND FEEL MISUNDERSTOOD? Are you someone that is very open to dating all kinds of people, genders and orientations? Are you tired of your friends and family judging you? Do you want them to have a better understanding of your lifestyle? Contact us ASAP! ARE YOU ADDICTED TO BAD BOYS? Do you love the men you should leave alone? Do you thrive off of chasing after a man? Are your friends and family sick of hearing your ridiculous stories about your dysfunctional relationships? Are you ready to change? Contact us ASAP! HAVE YOU PUT IN YOUR TWO WEEKS AT WORK? Do you plan on giving your two weeks at your current job? Have you decided that it's time to pursue your real dreams for a better opportunity? Contact us with your story ASAP! DO YOU NEED TO GET YOUR SEXY BACK? Are you married or dating and want to spice things up? Do you want to find a way to bring back the romance between you and your partner? We are seeking couples that want to participate in a fun, romantic photo shoot! Contact us with your story. ARE YOU AN IDENTICAL TWIN? The Steve Harvey Show is seeking identical twins to model for a fashion segment together. One twin will model an expensive clothing item and the other twin will wear the more affordable option. If you and your twin are available and interested for this opportunity, contact us ASAP RSVP TO: Lande Yoosuf Associate Producer The Steve Harvey Show NBC Tower 454 N. Columbus Drive Chicago, IL[masked] (office)[masked] (cell) [masked] Hope to see you on national TV soon. Hadley Finch

Announcement and a favor. Open only if you want to find love now..

Recently an event debuted after taking 6 years to develop. It helps single men and women find love in 12 weeks. If this interests you, I invite you to get started now. See how other top experts and I help you find the love you dream of--as you watch gift videos I made for you on FindLoveForNewYearsEve.com Hadley Finch

Great response from singles seeking love now!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I’m delighted by the overwhelming response to my recent survey of single men and women in our meetup group. Some say they’ve been on the journey to find love for several years, seeking the right partner to be vulnerable and open in a loving relationship, or to marry and raise a family together. Many say they feel happy with themselves, but if they found love--it would be an added comfort and pleasure in life. Many actually reveal how I can help them find love: 20.83 % of respondents want help to stop being attracted to the wrong people. 29.17 % want help in attracting love like an irresistible love magnet. 29.17 % desire help in meeting compatible matches who want to find love now. 12.5 % want a step by step map to find their love match and build a relationship they love. 8.33 % say they hope to find love by chance, without any help. First, I wish them great success on their solitary journey. Actually, I wish they’d realize that finding love is too important to leave it to chance. You can speed up the journey to love when you are proactive and find love by design. The rest of us may enjoy this journey together, sharing the adventures with like-minded men and women who will take new steps to find love now. Now that I know the help single men and women want most, I've included it in my new 12 week program, which launches very soon. Until then, I’d like to offer a little help as my gift in a few short videos I’m creating for you. The only way I can send you these gift videos is when you sign up to receive them at http://FindLoveForNewYearsEve.com If you haven’t done so, Sign up now, while it’s on your mind. Then check your inbox for your first gift video reveals hidden obstacles to avoid on your journey to love. It doesn’t have to be so complicated to create dating chemistry and make a healthy love connection. We can simplify the process and speed up the journey to love. Remember this: The great love you’re seeking is seeking you. I’m excited to help you find each other and -- Get all the happy, sexy love you desire, Hadley Finch P.S. Also, I'm planning our 328 member celebration in Chicago soon. Want to suggest a venue? Just reply to this email. P.S. Claim your gift videos now: http://findlovefornewyearseve.com

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