What we're about

The Trillium path, which is an off-shoot of Waking Down in Mutuality, supports an integrated awakening to consciousness, embodiment (our lives and bodies), and mutuality (conscious relatedness).

In this work you will find awakened presence and transmission, deep listening to one another, and compassionate acceptance of experience, all of which aids your integrated awakening process.

Awakening and transformation happens readily and organically as we relax into Being here. With the awakening comes a feeling of okay-ness and wellbeing that is persistent and permeates one’s life.

We begin to realize ourselves as the unknowable Mystery that delights in Being everything. With this comes a trust and a felt-sense realization of not being separate from “other” or anything outside of our local identity. We realize “I” and “we” are the Beloved, the Source, we have been longing for. We realize we are simultaneously unity and uniqueness, and we not only honor each other and our differences but also lean into a unique relatedness in service of conscious evolution and global transformation.

What are our Meetups like?

Our gatherings, called sittings, are led by local Trillium Awakening™ teachers (see below for a list of them) and include silent meditation, mutual gazing meditation, and conscious exploration of your awakening process in a setting that facilitates profound trust.

Join us and give yourself the chance to steep in a sacred space dedicated entirely to the deepening recognition of all that we are, as a platform for individual and collective evolution.

You may have an extensive spiritual history, or little, or none. We welcome you to join this collaborative exploration of integrated awakening!


We encourage you to read a little about this work before attending one of our gatherings so you have some context and can optimize your experience. In particular, we recommend these resources:


http://www.trilliumawakening.org/about-embodied-awakening/ (http://www.trilliumawakening.org/about-the-trillium-path/)


http://www.trilliumawakening.org/introduction-to-trillium-awakening-sittings/ (http://www.wakingdown.org/introduction-to-waking-down-sittings/)


Allan Morelock, full teacher - http://teachers.trilliumawakening.org/AllanMorelock/ (http://teachers.wakingdown.org/AllanMorelock/); http://batgap.com/allan-morelock/

Bill Miller, full teacher - http://teachers.trilliumawakening.org/BillMiller/ ; http://www.heart-awakening.com/

Bonita Williams, full teacher

Gena Netten, full teacher - http://teachers.trilliumawakening.org/GenaNetten/ (http://teachers.wakingdown.org/GenaNetten/)

John Bottone, interning teacher - http://teachers.trilliumawakening.org/JohnBottone/ ; http://w.johnbottone.com/

Past events (153)

Sitting with Gena Netten, 4/7, 10 am - 1 pm

Brooklyn Private Home

Sitting with Allan Morelock, 12/19/17, 7 - 9:45 pm

Upper East Side Private Residence

Sitting with Allan Morelock, 10/26/17, 7 - 9:45 pm

Upper East Side Private Residence


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