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Arizona is now in Phase 1 of the virus “reopening” so it is time to update Trilogy guidelines for both ride leaders and riders.

The TBC hopes to accommodate TBC members with a ride that suits their riding level. Trilogy Bicycle Club (TBC) GROUP RIDES MAY NOW BE SCHEDULED BY RIDE LEADERS.

Not all of our ride leaders are ready to lead so we may be limited in the number of rides and attendees allowed on a specific ride. We are in the process of contacting our ride leaders to make sure we are all posting the same way.

Official TBC Rides should meet at the Blue Mailbox in the lower Kiva Club parking lot unless otherwise specified. Note to ride leaders, when scheduling an event uncheck “make this an online event” and the blue mailbox option should be checked.

To avoid member confusion, if you are hosting/leading a NON TBC (private) rideyou should not meet at or in the vicinity of the mailbox location.

Depending on ride leader comfort TBC the number of allowable attendees can be limited by the ride leader. Ride leaders will define the number of spaces available when posting rides on Meetup by using the attendance limit box on the announcement form. Rides will be closed once that limit is met.

Current guidelines for posted rides:

• All riders ride AT THEIR OWN RISK Riders must abide by the Code TBC Code of Conduct and only sign up for rides that match their skill level as described in the TBC Ride Categories. Review both documents here:


• Right now rides are only available for TBC members (no guests).Riders MUST RSVP by the time the Ride leader states on their posted ride. Leaders can close the ride at any time once the set number of RSVPs have been met.

• Riders who do not RSVP on Meetup will not be allowed to ride with the group.

• Riders and ride leaders should follow CDC social distancing guidelines and the following: Riders should "social distance" on rides and maintain a minimum distance of six feet. Some ride leaders may ask riders to distance even more.

• Ride leaders should explain expectations on their post and at the beginning of the ride. NOTE Ride Leaders can ask a rider to leave a ride if they do not follow this guideline.

• Riders should bring tissue – riders that spit or blow their nose without tissue could be asked to leave the ride.

• Riders should bring a face mask for the coffee break as face masks may be required where we stop.

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