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The taster day is designed to let you dip your toe into the amazing world of NLP and discover some of the awesome tools that will help you feel more motivated, driven and empowered in your life or business. Clarity is key and we want to help you get really clear around where you are now and where you ultimately want to be.

Wouldn’t you just love to…
Really understand yourself and what makes you and others tick.
Get rid of those negative emotions and beliefs that have held you back from doing what you’ve been put on this earth to do!
Build lasting relationships that help you thrive in your personal and business life?
Call on your confidence and drive whenever you really need it – before an interview, a speaking gig or even a first date?
Access an enhanced toolkit of communication and behavioural skills?
Learn how to smash the goals you’ve set for yourself.

All these things are totally attainable and achievable. Even if you’ve never felt like you could access them before. So why not join us on our taster day to learn more about how you too can get that toolkit.

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NLP Taster Day 9.15am - 1.15pm

Edge NLP ltd

NLP Taster Day 9.15am - 1.15pm


NLP Taster Day 9.15am - 1.15pm

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NLP Taster Day

Pip Thomas


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