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Tristate Note Investors will be presenting various speakers on advanced topics on the different aspects of note investing:
- Foreclosures
- Raising money
- Note brokering
- Due diligence
- Credit Reports
- Property Valuation Methods.

While some investors complain about the shortage of real estate deals, savvy investors and hedge funds have been purchasing billions of dollars of defaulted notes for pennies on the dollar. Come and learn how top mortgage note investors and hedge fund managers are thriving it in today's environment - whether it's trading note portfolios, holding notes for cash flow, or using notes to acquire real estate.

Both deep-pocketed institutional investors and folks that are new to the game can profit and thrive in this asset class. Come to our discussions to learn and to network directly with a community of active note buyers and sellers, portfolio managers, note brokers, attorneys, and highly rated industry vendors. What you will learn in our sessions:

- What is a mortgage note and why banks are selling them at deep discounts - How to achieve 10% to 40% or more in returns without dealing with tenants or contractors - Where to get your first note in the next 30 days

- Whether to purchase notes individually, as a pool or invest in note funds

- How to raise capital to acquire notes and other assets