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If your like us and put into a situation through one crisis or another and have grandkids your raising, its hard to get friends for play times for the kids and a socializing time for the grandparents. I picture a group of any size that can find a meeting place where the kids can play and the grandparents can drink coffee play games , or just comfort each other and share our situations so we know were not alone...Our grandson is 8 , no siblings and craves kids to play with...If we had a group and like a club we could go to anytime for a get away , would be great. I imagine buying or renting somewhere cheap and fixing it up for the club , and eventually hire a couple kids to help watch the kids. and always having new members join and grow our club into a family environment where we could eventually do things together outside the club,,Vacations ceadar point trips, camping,whatever,,,all down the road...but talking and planning at first to see if others out there have the same vision...

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