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Deepening Meditations and Strategies/Speeds of God Realization
The Workshop will answer some of the Key Questions: A. What are the basics of meditations. How to make them more effective and deeper? (Most places just don't tell the basics instead only teach monkey-see-monkey-do approaches), B. Review of many different types of Meditations so you can be smart about them. (You are not supposed to do only one type of meditation along your path !) C. What are different STRATEGIES can one choose from for God Realization ? What are the SPEEDS of progress under different strategies?What are their tell-tale signs and their practical measurements ? D. Your personal cases and questions will be addressed, if you choose. The Goal is Clear: To Support you reach your Self-Mastery and Success ................................. Let us make it a potluck. If you can, bring a vegetarian item to share. We will meet in the Rochester Downtown Park at 11-11:45 The Workshop will be at thr Rochester Hills Library 12-2:00PM Bring your friends Absolutely FREE........

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-Open to All Religions but helpful to those interested in Practical Spirituality -Self Mastery includes tangible Spiritual Transformation and Success in matters of the world (Relationships, Healing, Money, Life Purpose, Problem Solving, Love Life etc.) -Loving Family Environment that promotes understanding, love and personal power. -We Speak Simple English and not any esoteric language (People should read scriptures on their own time) -We are seeking those willing to be the Masters and Master-Teachers to help change the world for next level

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