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True Heart Healing, Zhineng Qigong, in New York. Find Purpose, Find Peace, Be Love! Come join Warren for an in depth class sharing 20 years of Qigong practice and self experience. We will discuss needs and goals using Zhineng Qigong,( also known as Medical Qigong) to clear heart blockages, enhance energy, and to deepen the life skills of mindfulness and awareness. One of the many forms we will learn is Lift Qi Up,Pour Qi Down which is moving energy from the Universe to ourselves by applying our mind`s intention. Also we will learn Soaring Crane, Qi Squats and many more tools to improve overall health and emotional wellbeing! You will have opportunities to ask questions and open other topics to promote a happier state of being. My goal is one of compassion for all to find this way of being. Many of life's experiences brought me to this place of stillness and deep contentment. My practice is based on my philosophy that Qigong in Body, Mind and Spirit brings us to a True Heart Level and a Full Life! Warren Specht has been a Qigong Practitioner and healing facilitator since 1999. His training has included a Teacher Certification (2011) from Master Zhijun Liu of China as well as years of study with notable teachers, direct Students of Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming, the founder of Zhineng Qigong. This is a unique form of personal healing and growth practice that combines breath with movement, mind and focus. Warren has proven with his practice that Qigong opens the Power of the Mind for Healing, Wisdom, Balance and can help people realize their potential to regain health. He is an experienced teacher with a gentle, soft intuitive way that inspires each student towards physical and emotional well-being! Warren is associated with the Columbus Qigong Group at James Cancer Center Wellness program part of Ohio State University. He currently teaches Zhineng Qigong in Queens and Manhattan.

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