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Essential Dharma Teachings
Meditation, dharma talk & discussion focused on essential dharma teachings.

Sound Yoga

5639 California Avenue Southwest · Seattle, WA

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True Nature Sangha is a small community exploring Buddha dharma and meditation. All are welcome and no experience is required to sit with us.

We meet every Friday evening 7:30-9:00pm at Sound Yoga in West Seattle.

Buddha dharma can be a strange thing in our Western culture. It is asking us to sit back, become present, and rest into whatever arises within our own direct experience. Rather than seeking external answers and satisfaction, we are learning to come into a direct relationship with our own lived experience. We feel into our bodies, become aware of our breath, and learn to observe the nature of our own hearts and minds. It is through this direct relationship to our moment by moment experience that we begin to come into a more natural and true relationship with all living things. The nature of our own being teaches us how to care and respond.

Our facilitators are trained through the Ajahn Chah/Thai Forest lineage of Theravada Buddhism which is distilled through Insight Meditation communities throughout the United States. While we focus on receiving instruction from this particular lineage, we are also focusing on the essential Dharma teachings that are at the foundation of all Buddhist traditions. Buddhism has taken an incredible 2600 year journey around the world; shifting, evolving, and adapting with each culture it meets. There has been corruption of the teachings along the way, and the oppression of patriarchy is a formidable reality, but the living dharma is not capable of being distorted. Our ability to enter into our own experience and come into a direct relationship with the teachings is as viable today in the United States as it was almost 2600 years ago in northern India.

The teachings of Buddha dharma are offered within the context of a formal meditation practice - primarily sitting and walking meditation. Establishing a practice of meditation allows us to use the teachings not as a new belief system to learn and memorize, but as guide posts to our own direct experience. We are not being told what to do, but rather we are being invited to investigate and explore. This framework allows us not only to come into a more true relationship with ourselves and all of life, but to also reclaim our own true authority. We all have the capacity to see into the true nature of life and to choose, moment by moment, whether we will be guided by fear, delusion, and aggression or by wisdom, compassion, and deep reverence for life. Wise understanding is the natural precursor to wise action.

We invite you to join us anytime. Instruction is offered in a way that supports everyone in the room. We are a small organic community that seeks to be in exploration together. Each class includes meditation, dharma teachings, and group discussion.

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