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Weekly Referral Meeting
Should you choose to join our group, this is what is expected of you... 1. Attend at LEAST 3 times a month. The meetings are happening every week and the more you attend, the more the members know you, like you, trust you and refer new business to you! 2. Plan on giving referrals away actively! We are looking for "Go-Givers". Takers need not apply. We want people who are willing to become the salespeople for the other members in the group. 3. Commit. Each seat in the group can be worth in excess of $40,000. But this is a long term commitment. We encourage prospective members to come by and check us out. Even twice! But we are looking for professionals who are excited about making professional networking a pillar of their business plan! 4. Invite. Our group thrives on new members from different industries. The more members, the better chance we have of generating referrals for each other!

Eggshell Cafe

660 Lake Cook Rd · Deerfield