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At True Social Flow we focus on building confidence for men in practical and direct ways.

Although we consider the theoretical side of learning a new skill to be important, theory without practice is pointless. If you want to grow stronger and faster, then reading about going to the gym is not enough. We must throw ourselves into the arena. The same applies for exercising our ‘social muscles’. The only way to make lasting and substantial change is to take action.

True Social Flow is not just about building confidence in your social life though. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself, pushing past fears, being afraid but saying “fuck it” and doing it anyway, and developing a no-BS approach to life.

In our workshops and one-to-one coaching we focus on:

• Building confidence and presence in any social or business situation

• Developing confidence and directness in your relationships with women

• Becoming comfortable speaking your mind and standing up for yourself

• Developing assertiveness and leadership

• Finding your purpose and getting on your path in life

• Doing the things that you are afraid to do that hold you back

• And much more!

To make real change we must consistently push ourselves out of our comfort zone. But there is always a balance. Gradual changes are lasting changes and there is no need to push ourselves into something we are not ready for – we must walk before we can run. We understand that different people have different levels of confidence and social skill and we cater our workshops and coaching to reflect this.

We encourage you to forget the excuses, disregard any fears or insecurities, and take action now to become the best version of yourself.

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