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True tantra is an effort to practice, teach and share a sinergetic approach to the Tantra according to the Ancient Kahula School Tradition. In our times, it has forgotten that Tantra in it self is a science which has a metodhology not only to be experimenting but also to grow, heal, learn and develop ourselves. The objective of the group is that we can learn about the tools of this practice in a safe environment. Kahula School involves for the first time in Tantra different tools that they were practicing arround it and they can not be separated one from another one. The approach was holistic and shamanic in order to become one with yourself, with your couple, with the comunity and mainly with the universe. Within these tools: *Pranayamas *Ancient Yoga *Rituals. *Meditation *Sacred Sexuality ( It is called sacred since the energy that is generated in any sexual act is the same energy that can generate more energy (sinergy) and on top of it is able to generate a new human being when you unite on a sacred union with your partner. The other main practice is the sacred consious touch, this is done through out a session of massage and is performed by a Dakha ( Male Tantra Practioner ) ; Dakini (Female Tantra Practioner); or a Tantrika (Tantra Practioner devoted his or her life to share, practice and teach TAntra ). These techniques were so developed that were taken to a healling and shamanic level. True Tantra welcomes any person and any gender. But we will have certain meetings in which will be dedicated just to the men.

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Naked yoga and Massage Exchange. Special edition

Dunez men only resort

Details Join us on Sunday 21st of July at 11am for a unique day of touch and exploration. The Naked yoga and Massage Special Edition is designed to introduce you to the power of yoga in your life and give you the massage skills that you will need to keep yourself, your partner or friends in heavenly bliss. Ultimately, our goal is to help people, find new ways to get closer together with touch and communication. The workshop is for everyone, even if you have never practice yoga before. It is three hours which will allow you to practice some partner yoga exercises but also to give and receive a very thorough massage. We will have two facilitators so you will get a lot of individual attention. You are receiving and giving the massage naked in order to exchange energy with your partner. During the yoga and massage you will change partners. In case you want to practice just with one person, please communicate it with us in advance. The Naked Yoga and Massage special edition workshop will take place at the Men only Resort Dunez. We will have enough time to enjoy the beautiful pool, sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi. Schedule: 11am-12pm : Arrival. Welcome coffee or tea and a light snack. 12pm-13.30pm 1st part of the workshop- Ritual and partner yoga 13.30pm-14.30 Lunch break and time to enjoy the spa facilities 14.30pm-16.00pm 2nd part Massage Exchange If you have any further questions, the True Tantra team Anand, Roland and Petros would be happy to help you. Cost: 60 euro per person. In the price including 3 hours workshop, entrance at the spa, buffet lunch, coffee or tea, health smoothie, snack. In addition you get 10% extra discount to have dinner at the restaurant of Dunez. Bring 1 sarong and 1 big towel Location: Margrietweg 21, Drunen. Free parking We can arrange free pick up from the train station of Den Bosch

Tantra Summer Camp 4 Men :: UOMO QUEST SPAIN - 01 :: 2019

Arenas de San Pedro

OUMO QUEST ::: Summer Camp Spain ::: Arenas de San Pedro – rebel animus :: July 25 – 28 – anima rebel :: August 25 – 28 – Sacred Union :: August 29 – Sep. 1 – We propose that these retreats can deliver a transformational process to know your mature masculine and feminine and how to understand your self working with your shadow and light archetypes that all men we have. – Tantra provides an emotional and spiritual journey. In which trust and the intimate are developed by you as participants and as collective. We create for you a safe environment in which you can go deep. Being able to connect with your life force and how to expand it. – TrueTantra in our 11th edition of SummerCamp has the initiative this year to explore and develop the Journey of the Men to discover who we are and what we want from our own lives* . Tantra cannot be seen or experience as a short time process, it’s a continuous one! We will have 3 retreats in 4 days. 3 might each one, that at the end will make one. :: Rebel Animus :: It will have the target to work with the natural state inheritance of us as men in different layers in order to experience a self-discovering journey to empowered us and at the same time breaking up or transform the idea of the masculine self … ::: Why to come to this retreat? Tantra is a life experience that in conjunction with sacred sexuality & rites of passage; will allow you to enjoy, relax & liberate, but at the same time learning & discovering a new YOU. To expand and liberate needs time & guiding, things that you will find here. Everything in a safe space!!! ::: What do i expect out of this? The sensation of being on vacations in a safe environment with men that think likewise. That every moment & process that you live will be a life living experience that will mark your existence :: a transformation :: ::: Activities Nude Tantra Yoga, meditations, massages, pranayamas, erotic & ludic games, mystical music, swimming pool activities, multi- orgasmic and more. If you want to take a break during the retreat, you can do it, activities are not mandatory. ::: Alone or can I bring my partner? Either way, it will be a unique experience. ::: What does include? – 3 healthy meals. Light Mediterranean diet, if you have any special diet let us know. – Tea breaks & fruit. – Room (shared), with private bathroom & the services of the Finca rural. -Pragmatical & life changing experience. TrueTantra & Nude Tantra Yoga & the Sacred Sexuality workshops in a structured way . ::: Cost & Registration: *** The retreats book really fast, We suggest to send us an email as you had decided to come. *** [masked] Cost for each retreat module: 460 euros Deposit: 200 euros : SPECIAL DISCOUNTS : *Early BIRD Full amount paid before May 1st. -One module 435 euros -Two modules 845 euros -Whole program 1,280 euros *After May 1st ( Full amount paid ) -Two modules 870 euros -Whole program 1,305 euros Payment & Deposit (remember to write your name & modules that you are attending ) -Spain & PORTUGAL Armando A. Rebollar / BBVA Bank IBAN: ES4201821797310201879324 BIC: BBVAESMM -The Netherlands & rest of Europe TrueTantra Netherlands / ING Bank BIC: INGBNL2A IBAN: NL11 INGB[masked] Info & Reservations: Anand Rudra [masked]. 21.15 both with Whatsapp [masked] / [masked] www.truetantra.eu Skype: anand.bindu FB: http://www.facebook.com/1680345354

Massage Exchange for Men

Center on Site

• What we'll do massage Xperience :: gathering & learning series :: Within these gathering & learning series for this year. We introduce a nice way to relax, enjoy and learn about our bodies, how to touch them, how to receive a touch and from there start to learn aspects of touch, massage and energy movement techniques. We do not pretend that these are lessons, but we have the target that you can enjoy and learn from the joy, happiness, relaxation and physical and mind stimulation that can be brought out of a massage experience. ::: the EXPERIENCE & the LEARNING ::: Join us for an evening of learning, touch and exploration. The Massage Experience workshop is designed to introduce you to the power of touch in your life and give you the massage skills that you will need to keep yourself, your partner or friends in heavenly bliss. Ultimately our goal is to help people, find new ways to draw closer together through the use of touch and communication The workshop is for everyone (you should be over the age of 18) and it is two hours long, which will allow enough time to give and receive a very thorough massage. We will have at least two facilitators at each workshop, so you get a lot of individual attention. It is going to take place the first Sunday of the month at 14.00pm. Every time you will experienced different kind of massages: 4 hand massage, sensual touch, introduction to the tantra massage etc. The workshop is designed to be interactive and you are encouraged to communicate freely and ask any questions that you might have. You are receiving and giving the massage naked in order to exchange energy with your partner. During the massage you are going to change twice partner. In case you would like to be with a specific person, you can communicate it with us in advance. Because of the limited size and exclusive nature of the workshop it is necessary to book it in advance. If you have any further questions, the Massage Experience Team, Anand, Roland and Petros would be happy to help you. This Experience includes : ** Workshop and tea break Limited to 20 participants!!! Registering is a MUST!!! Total Cost 25 euros *** TO BRING: * Sarong * Comfortable cloths * beach towel * sandals * Remember to cut your nails since we will be touching sensitive area, and come showered since we will be interacting with our bodies. • What to bring Two towels, sarong and come freshly showered. • Important to know

Infusion Summer Retreat only 4 Tantrikas (every ONE) Avila, Spain

Infusion Summer Retreat TrueTantra Professional Lab-Networking Initiative4 every ONE August 19-22 /// 4 men August 22-25 Arenas de San Pedro, Spain For a long time, we were thinking in creating a tantra network in which you can interchange knowledge & experiences to grow in a pragmatic way that will allow you to be a better tantra practitioner, masseur, therapist or facilitator.At the same time, to establish a network that can be a work net to grow in different countries and that we can support each other in Workshops and retreats.TrueTantra will be 10 years of existence and for this anniversary we would like to celebrate with this endeavor.When we thought about the name of TrueTantra 10 years ago; we saw that there was a lot of controversy about what Tantra was and the eternal fight between Red Tantra, White Tantra, Neo Tantra and etc... For us to put TrueTantra it was to bring to the people the best of all the methods ( more than 3,400) The best acknowledge school that represents this is and was it is Ancient Kaula Tantra Method.Then we decided for the name of True Tantra because in reality there is not a TRUE tantra...all the Tantra Schools, methods and Tools let us to the have a life living experience that allows you to be a better human being. Even though TrueTantra will keep with the Ancient Kaula Method in its activities! :::: The Retreat For the first time ever in Europe, there is a proposal only for people that we already know, practice, share and teaches Tantra. And that we have almost the same background and the same target about this ancient technology and practice.The main idea behind this is to:- Have a higher vibrational work and experiences.- Find that you can have two things at the same time: vacations and deep training.- Develop and refresh new knowledge and expertise from the same participants and guest teachers.- To Know that the limits and borders are already set in a professional way that will allow us to have a supra- conscious process- Enjoy in a safe environment but at the same time enjoy the freedom of being interconnected by tantra.- Met people that had studied all over Europe, Latin America & Africa within the TrueTantra framework, mainly since we will have the target also networking different future projects.- Bilingual English-Spanish- Being able to experience an immersion learning process. ::::: The structure We thought the best way to get the advantage of this time is to have in a day:- A daily sadhana: Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and breathwork- Have two main lectures about new topics or practices that can help us in our profession- Have two laboratories in which we will do a Colloquium & a Practicum.- Final day meditation- Some activities will be held at the Swimming pool, the Yoga Dome, The River or the Natura.- Two main experiences on the night Ritualistic and Dance- We will be having the retreat at La Lobera. It is a Spanish Finca at the Sierra De Gredos.... To be close to this Sierra allows us to have the best of the Spanish Summer and the refreshing winds ¡ Investment...390 euros :: Payment & Deposit :: Spain & PORTUGAL Armando A. Rebollar / BBVA Bank IBAN: ES420182179731020187932 4 BIC: BBVAESMM The Netherlands & rest of EuropeTrueTantra Netherlands / ING Bank BIC: INGBNL2AIBAN: NL11 INGB[masked]

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Massage exchange and Well Being

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