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Hello everyone, we are a new Meet-Up group based at Truman College located in Chicago, Illinois and administered by Ignacio Alvarez with the help of some advanced photography students. We are hoping to attract people who like and practice photography, either film or digital. Digital - because many people who own a camera would like to be better at it or just learn how to use it. Film - because there is no better way to learn photography.
At Truman College we offer darkroom classes and are probably the only place left in the city where you can learn photography the old fashioned way. Here you can learn how to use, expose, develop and print from black and white film. As you advance, you will learn how to create photograms, use toners, use liquid light, dry mount photos, make window mats or how to create images in wet metal plates using the Collodion process. (This process uses metal plates to create an image that is both a negative and a positive at the same time.) And if you need to, Ignacio can give you advice on how to scan film correctly, how to select a good film camera and how to shoot any type of film, including infrared.
The fact is that film photography is still the best way of learning photography. (Ask Ignacio why.)
Truman also offers a class on Photoshop for Photography. The group will include field trips. Each time we go out, you will have the opportunity to learn something new in photography and also have a forum where you can ask questions and post your best photos.
We will accept members of all levels with the hope that the advanced members will help the new people who are just starting in photography. One thing is for sure, we will help every person regardless of your level. If you need help, we are here to offer it!

1. Photo outings, all seasons.
2. Photography classes at Truman College (This involves registration thru Truman and payment to the City Colleges of Chicago. These classes are NOT part of the meet-ups!)
3. Monthly discussion forums at Truman or other place.
4. Assignments designated to challenge you.
5. Technical help with your equipment.
6. Advice on how to create any photograph you want.
7. For people that want to use film, advice on how to do it right.
8. And of course, much, much, more. The sky is the limit!
The idea of this group is to make it the best and most complete photography group in Chicago. Join us and help your photography advance to new levels!

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Bird photography anyone?

Garden of the Phoenix

Bird photography anyone? Hello again everyone, at this time of the year many types of birds are migrating and of course, passing through this area. This time of the year is perfect because the trees are still bare and the birds are a lot easy to spot. This time we are going to Asaka Gardens in Hyde Park on April 20th from 8:00 to 10:00 am, hopefully, some of you have time to attend. This park Osaka Gardens is just behind the Museum of Science and Industry, please pay careful attention to the meeting point. Your host is going to be Elsa Madrigal, a very good photographer who loves to do multiple exposures in camera with film. I will post some of her photos here. Keep in mind, if you don’t have very long lenses to capture birds, this area is very beautiful and you can just do landscape photography, I hope many of you attend. The details are as follows: 1. Meetup point at garden of the Phoenix behind museum of science and industry (See the map included). Meet at the entrance (pic attached). Have to cross a small bridge to get to it. 2. If you are lost and want to call Elsa, this is her cell number. [masked]. 3. Elsa will be under the bridge wearing a bright peach colored marmot fleece. 4. Parking instructions: either stony island (free) or MSI parking (paid). See MSI parking map attached. 5. We will meet at 8am. Walk inside if you're late. 6. Tripods are allowed. Recommended lens if you want to shoot birds: 300mm or higher I hope many of you have the chance to attend.

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Sparkle, Fire and Flash photography, Great!

Montrose Harbor

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