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Monthly Meeting -- greet and share!
This is the monthly meeting of the Tucson Area Vampire and Otherkin Community (TAVOC), aka Tucson Otherkin. Chat and get to know each other over a cup of coffee, a sandwich, or an entree. Shot in the Dark Cafe is located across Broadway from the Access Tucson building; it's practically on the corner of Broadway and Arizona Ave., a narrow avenue between 5th and 6th Avenues. We encourage our members to order a little something to show their appreciation to the restaurant for hosting us. Bring an interested friend or friends. Parking and Transportation: on the opposite side of 6th Avenue from Shot in the Dark is a parking lot which is probably free of charge on weekday evenings; more information will be posted when available. There is also the 5th Avenue parking garage; metered parking which is free in the evenings (although it tends to be full); and, somewhat further away, the Toole Avenue parking lot, which is free on weekday evenings after 6:00 p.m. unless there is someone there to charge guests. The Ronstadt Center is very near, which is convenient for persons who take the city buses. Discussion subjects include: energy work (how to feed on energy, ethics of feeding, etc.); dealing with difficult individuals (family, boss, co-workers, etc.); using Tarot and crystals; thought-provoking articles or posts in Otherkin/Vampire publications or online; and anything you want to share, or which you want advice/suggestions about! Bringing a topic or question is not required, but always welcome. We're here to help each other in whatever ways we can!

Shot In The Dark Cafe

121 E. Broadway · Tucson, AZ

What we're about

The Tucson Area Vampire and Otherkin Community (TAVOC), originally called Tucson Otherkin, was established in November 2009. “Otherkin” is a word for people who identify in some way — physically, psychologically, and/or spiritually — with nonhuman beings, or with beings typically described as “supernatural,” although for us they may seem, or inwardly feel, more or less natural. We are a positive and ethical group of otherkin (sometimes called “were-creatures”), vampires of various types (“psi,” “sang,” “hybrid,” and possibly others), donors, and goths who interact with each other on a monthly (and sometimes more frequent) basis. We are forging friendships and developing trust amongst ourselves, and learning as we go. Those of us with energy needs don't feed on others without their explicit consent; we don't feed on other group members, the sick, the elderly, children, those who are mentally unstable, or pregnant women, as these people either need their energy themselves, or can't handle being fed from. We strive to improve our understanding of who and what we are, and to educate others. At our meetings we welcome everyone interested: those who know they are Otherkin, those who think they might be, those who are friends or relatives of Otherkin, and anyone else who is open-minded and Otherkin-friendly.

Participation is strongly encouraged; lurking is discouraged. This is a MEET-up group. That means we MEET and DO THINGS, not lurk on a list and never be active! Lurkers are liable to get deleted for inactivity. (You're always free to sign up again if you decide to participate.) We are trying to build and network the Tucson Vampires and Otherkin communities and can't do that if people don't show up to events as well as participate on this website..

If you have experience with organizing things, or creative skills such as writing or graphics, and would like to help out with the Tucson Otherkin Meetup Group, let the organizer know! Also, if you'd like to sponsor our group, that would be cool, too. Contact April, the Organizer.

Hope to see you soon at one of our Meetups!

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